What is the big deal with the politicians?  I mean, we’re all HUMAN, most of us have a BRAIN – so why does the media have to turn something so important into a showdown of man/woman white/black??

At the end of the day we’re all the same.  I mean, when I read a book about a man and a woman – I don’t picture them white, black, yellow, red, etc.  I picture them as people – people who are able to think, breathe, live, love, eat, have sex…….whatever…..and yet the media is tearing these people apart.  These men and women are going to possibly lead our country – and yet Sarah’s face was on a magazine with ‘her secret lover’.  GOOD LORD PEOPLE!!!!!!!  Who the hell cares?  Bill Clinton did his intern but he still ran the country.  Do we really care about her sex life?  Do I believe it?  NO.  Do I care that Obama smoked pot when he was younger?  Hell no!  I want to know who is going to lead the country and if they’re going to do a good job. 

Why tear the woman apart because she’s a mom?  In this day and age, if you can work, run a home, and still manage to look as good as she does – then I want her on my team!  Why does it matter that she has an infant at home?  What’s wrong with the man watching the baby?  I care about who is going to lead, who is going to keep the values this country was built on and not change it for every Tom, Dick, and Harriet who comes in and doesn’t like the way things are run. 

Let’s stop and remember that if we were in there shoes – we would want to be judged on who we are – not what we’ve done in the past (unless we’re murderers, then not such great leadership material).

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends – I hear you’re going through your own battle.  Man vs. beast up there!  Be thankful you don’t have the drama we have here in the States.  We tend to be overly dramatic – to say the least!!! 

Have a good weekend all – be safe and be smart!

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