Bonnie, I swear the older I get, the younger the men do…lolol. But those Supernatural brothers are so cute!

Anyway…what inspires me to write. A deadline! Ha, yeah, well, on occasion it does. The business of writing is just like anything. You have a project, you get it turned in on time. It’s work, it’s a job. Although I admit it is the best freakin job I’ve ever had!

I learned in my decade of unfinished manuscripts not to waste too much time waiting on a muse. Muse? I don’t need no stinkin’ muse. Eventually you have to learn to put the rest of your life away and sit with the page. Compartmentalize. As a published author you are expected to produce finished works, and in order to do that, you have to find a way to write even when life gets difficult. Two of the books I have out now are dedicated to people I lost while writing them. Life is life. You write through births, you write through deaths. You find whatever emotion you are presented with and use it on the page. Your life experiences add depth to your work.

Anything you feel becomes another layer for the work. Masterpieces are forged in the fires of agony and exhultation. If it doesn’t touch your heart it won’t touch the heart of a reader.

Are artists born or created? I have heard teachers from many different art forms say that an amazing early talent can be one of the worst obstacles to success. If the artist gets lazy or believes they have nothing left to learn they oftentimes stagnate and never reach their full potential. Growth is necessary…one must always be willing to study their chosen craft.

My son is an amazing guitarist. His teachers always say that it was his inborn talent that first drew him to the instrument, but it is his continued willingness to practice that has made him as accomplished as he is. Motivation and perspiration.

I thnk I have waxed poetical enough for one day, so here’s my question…

What inspires every one of you?  And what do you think of talent verses practice?

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