Jazz is supposed to have a nice Zen life! She and Nick are back together. Her curse elimination business is doing well and old demons, not literally, are quashed. Irma’s a lot happier about things, even if she’s come up with some demands for an updated lifestyle and even Fluff and Puff are behaving. Well, as best as they can. So why is she suffering from horrific nightmares that have Nick tearing out her throat and drinking her blood? Witch’s blood that should kill him yet doesn’t! That’s more than enough to freak her out but now Fluff and Puff, her magick mischievous bunny slippers are accused of eating a Wereweasel carnie at the boardwalk and the boardwalk manager wants them destroyed. While Jazz is positive they wouldn’t eat the carnie, Wereweasels make them sick, she still has to put them into the magick cage while she goes in search of the carnie she’s positive wasn’t someone’s late night snack.

Irma wants to move into the 21st century and Dweezil has issues with a rival and is positive Jazz can handle it for him.  

Except the nightmares are turning more terrifying and Nick is even having some nasty ones of his own. Considering vampires aren’t supposed to dream during their rest period, this is more than a little unsettling for him. Even more so since his dreams show Jazz living the perfect soccer mom life with no place for him. Not good for a vampire who’s been in love with the witch for over 300 years. And makes him wonder if he’s supposed to have a future with her after all.  

Jazz is busy looking for the source of her nightmares. Sure, she has a few enemies in the magickal world, but someone with this kind of power isn’t good. Plus, some of her attempts at finding out the source backfires on her in some pretty nasty ways that she will NEVER forget.  

Her only bright spot is a gorgeous pair of crocodile stilettos named Croc and Delilah fellow witch Thea sent her. And these shoes have the power to change to into different styles and colors to coordinate with her wardrobe. Although, they have a habit of getting into her make up. Not fun! 

Jazz has a lot on her plate, but she’s determined to do it all. Multi-tasking is her middle name!  

Too bad the straw that breaks the witch’s back is the return of Nick’s ex.  

Except no matter what Jazz doesn’t share and what’s one more problem when she’s got a pile already?  

But we’re talking Jazz Tremaine, witch extraordinaire. Snark mixed with magick.  

The question is, can she handle so much at once without breaking a nail?  

Hex Appeal takes up a few months after 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover leaves off and a book I knew I had to write before I was even finished with 50 Ways. Nothing is ever easy for Jazz and this is proof.  

The book is out now and I hope you’ll pick it up and enjoy Jazz’s quest for that good night’s sleep.


Plus, tell me what you do to get a good night’s sleep.                           


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