LOL  It’s so true.  But rabbits are too cute.  I don’t want them hurt I just want them to leave my flowers alone!  And we even have one little guy who only has one ear.  We call him One Eared Pete :-)  Now that I think about it, we haven’t seen him in a while.  Hope he’s okay.  Ack! Here I am worrying about rabbits along with everything else! 🙂

Titanic is one of my favorite movies too!  I loved it!  It made barrels of money but the critics didn’t like it.

What’s next for me?

At present, I’m polishing a requested proposal for Brenda Chin at Harlequin.  This book is targeted for the BLAZE line.  It’s sensual, hot and sexy. 🙂 I’m having a lot of fun with it.

I also have a romantic suspense series planned called The Amber Key series.  It’s set in Florida.  The first book involves a political assassin, my heroine is a former FBI agent working for her family’s security service and my hero is a political consultant.

I have a book planned called “Something Old, Something New, Something Dead” in which my heroine owns a wedding planning company and my hero is a funeral home director.

I have a book planned called “Cool River”.  I haven’t started fleshing this one out yet.  I only have the first scene in my head. All I know is that my heroine is a park ranger who lives in the Smoky Mountains in a house with her mother and her 12 year old daughter.

Something I haven’t tried yet…I’ve begun researching the Regency period because I’m dying to write a Regency-set historical. 🙂

I also have a historical series planned but it is not set in the Regency period.  It’s called The Organ Grinder Series.  It is more of a main stream historical but because I can’t help myself, there will be romance in it. 🙂

In August, I will be teaching an on-line class for the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers called Character in the Rough: How to Make Your Characters Shine like a Diamond. I will be teaching this class for the entire month of August. It is based on my first non-fiction collaborative project, “10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters” which was released in print in December from Lone Eagle Publishing. Included in the class will be a section called “Herding Parakeets” – Writing the Exceptional Character.  By “exceptional” I mean a character who has a mental or physical disability. I have years of experience because my daughter is special needs.

Hopefully, all of the above will keep me busy for a while and out of trouble. 🙂

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