I swear, every time I turn on the TV, there is someone telling me something different.  Eat sugar, don’t eat sugar – eat eggs, don’t eat eggs.  Peanut butter is good – but has bad fat.  Or good fat?  I can’t remember!  Next thing you know someone is going to tell me that if you sleep with your eyes shut you’ll get fat!!!!!

How does one know who to listen to?  I love Doctor Oz on Oprah – but is he right?  Does he REALLY know what he’s talking about?  Does Bob Green?  I like him too, but I like a lot of people.  I like myself, but I wouldn’t follow my own advice on eating.  Keep a diary someone once told me.  I think if I were to write down everything I ate – I would depress myself.  It would be the diary of a woman in need. 

The same goes for things we wear, use, and God forbid – TOUCH!  Deodorant – does it cause breast cancer?  Does shampoo give you tumors??  Can you imagine a world where we don’t wash our hair or put on deodorant?  Why, we’d be… MEN!  lol.  Okay, nasty nasty.  But I still think it’s men who make this stuff up.  How else do we pull such crap out of our ass?

I hope you have more luck than I have with losing weight – or knowing what to wear.  I like the scent free policies because I get headaches from perfume.  Nothing worse than having a woman come in and smell like a tramp coming from the whorehouse.  If your body odor is that bad – try SHOWERING!!!

Have a good one, people.  I’m off my soapbox (no pun intended)

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