I had my daughter come to me the other day and ask this question.  “Mom, what was it like when you and dad first had sex?”  Well, good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee at the time cause I would have spewed it all over her.  This is not a conversation I looked forward to.  I mean, dont’ we all just pretend our parents never had sex?  Or, if they did, it was only the amount of times it took to have the children they spawned?  I try not to think about my parents being in the same bed together, let alone anything happening under the sheets. 

When my son was younger and saw “the film” in school, it was the worst experience ever.  I expected some questions.  I even expected some curiosity….but not to the extent which he showed.  I swear I’m going to save this for when he gets married, but I’ll tell you all now.  We were driving to the ball field one night, and he turned to me and asked “Mom, how long does ejaculation take?”  I almost went off the road – but kept my composure and responded, “I’m not sure what you mean.”  He then asked (without ANY embarrassment at all) “Well, once you’re in there, does it happen right away, or does it take awhile?” 

Once we were out of the ditch and the tow truck pulled our car back home, I sat him down and said the only thing I could.  “This is a great question for your father.”  And that was that.  I wanted to say “Well, if your wife is lucky, it’ll take a while” but he sounded like he needed a better answer.  And to this day I don’t know what his father told him.  I said I would handle the girl talk.  And I thought I had… we talked about birth control, being careful, how the first time is so special…blah blah…everything my mother told me that I didn’t listen to.  But she never asked me what it was like with her father.  Did I answer her?  Of course.  Did I lie and say it was like a fairy tale?  Of course. …  not. 

Just be prepared for the questions.  They can come at any age, and at any time.  Oh, and keep your eyes on the road…no matter what happens.   Have a good one

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