Work-Space: Where is Yours?

If you were a writer (maybe you are), where would you choose to write? I’ve spent a lot of years crafting stories and my locations have varied over time. However, I’ve never been comfortable at a desk. When I was a kid with homework to do, I usually situated myself in the middle of my double bed and spread the work around me. Sometimes, I worked on the living room couch, yet never at the kitchen table.

Now that my homework consists of novels, I still don’t work at a desk. My favorite place on a cold day is sitting on my bed with my computer in my lap and my legs under a warm blanket. I can also be found in my favorite armchair in the living room.I bet I could work well in a beach chair on a tropical island. However, I haven’t had a chance to try that one yet.

Being confined to a desk or table feels like a jail. I want to get up and move around as soon as I sit down. I simply can’t concentrate. I suppose I got used to it when I was in school. However, I would have been happier if they’d given me an armchair.

Anybody else have a place they just can’t work well? Where would you rather work? Let me know your thoughts and I’ll take a poll.

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