20502637.jpgI feel like I was running alongside Claire and kept saying ‘keep moving, this old lady can’t run anymore!’  What great excerpts you’re sharing!

What I would like to know is how you stay motivated to keep writing.  Not starting as a child – did it work against you at first, or for you?  What I mean is did you find it hard to get ideas for your stories or do they still come to you?  And where do they come from?

Many authors will tell me that they’ve been writing for years, yes, but that they also have a ‘TBW’ (To be written) folder, file, whatever, where they keep the stories they’ve been thinking about since they were kids.

How exciting for you to be pubished with all these companies.  Is there a genre you wish you could write but haven’t been able to?  Or one that you read and enjoy but know you’ll never be able to write?

I’m sorry for all the questions, but you’re so great to respond I knew you could get it all in!  lol. 

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