20606044.jpg  20478953.jpgShe doesn’t really care for ‘gigging’ frogs or eating them. 

 And to explain about that:  A frog gigger is a long pole with a pincher on the end that you use to gig or grab the frogs. Yes, I eat the legs fried, of course.

Why do I write comedy? 

Please! Come to my neck of the woods where on any given day you can see a man going naked in his back yard. Why is it always the one’s you don’t wanna see naked though? Hmm, I think that’s one of those eternal questions.

Or you have grown (and drunk) men cutting off the legs of their overalls while wearing them.  That’s an accident waiting to happen. I had my camera at the ready and was most disappointed at the lack of blood and screams of pain. 

You have ‘here’s yer sign’ moments every single day of the week. All you have to do is open your eyes and look. Heck, I can’t NOT write comedy. 

Tonight, I’m on the phone with my mother and I hear my cousin in the background. “Aunt Nette, are you talkin to that world acclaimed author, Jenna Leigh? Tell her I’ve been droppin her name to get me a good table at the finest eatin joints.”

I snort and ask which ones..

She replies. “Taco Bell.”  And just screams with laughter.  They say insanity runs in familes, I have a feeling it stopped and gassed up at ours. *sighs*

And you ask me why I write comedy. It’s either laugh or cry..  LOL!!! 




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