Bonnie…were we totally naughty or what? LOLOL. I wonder how many other fanatical readers out there have done that, too? Fess up ladies, it will make us feel better.

So why write my own book? Reading and writing have always gone together for me. I have wanted to write a book since I first learned how to read one. But I wanted to write Star Trek novels first. Yes, I am a sci-fi geek. I grew up watching Star Trek before moving on to reading the books that came out after the show was cancelled. Spock and James T. Kirk rocked my world. I still have a thing for Shatner (love his commercials!)

I started writing fairly seriously in college. I was one of only three in my graduating class that completed an independent study which was my first big writing project. After graduation, I got married, had lots of jobs, had two boys (my favorite people in the world), and while I was a stay at home mom, decided it was time to write a book. It took me over three years to finish the first. Then it took me over ten years to finish a second. Oh, I started plenty, but couldn’t do the follow through.

Guess what, all you ladies who would love to get published someday…you cannot sell a book until you finish one. This is the advice I give all new authors. FINISH THE BOOK! Then the next, then the next. Its the only path to publication.

My choice to write erotic was pure and simply, a choice to write to the market. I like sex…love sex…and have no problems talking about it. In fact, my sons tell my I’m like Barbara Streisand’s character in Meet the Parents. I always told myself that if I ever finished another book it would sell. I finished Lord Demon’s Delight over a summer–with the help of Julia Cameron and The Artist’s Way–and sold in the fall. While most of you will think that was really fast, remember, I spent over thirteen years in the writing process, and while I never finished a book, I started plenty, writing hundreds of thousands of words in the process. It’s all practice. It’s all good.

How has my life changed? Do you know the old saying “Before enlightnment, chop wood and carry water…After enlightenment chop wood and carry water”? So it is with being published. A lot of hard work leading up to a great huge woohooo when the book comes out.

I’m nearing one of my woohooo times. Princess of Thieves comes out on the 29th of this month.

OK, I think I’ve talked long enough for today…lolol. Thanks so much for having me over for coffee. It was fabulous.  Gia Dawn

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