There’s some mornings even I ask that! And I should know since I look at her every morning in the mirror.

I’ve been writing for 30 years and published for 29 and have over 70 books published in various genres.


I’m a born and bred Californian, married with a variety of critters in the house that are completely spoiled and have their versions of attitude and love that they’ve been in some of my books.


I’ve always wanted to write and loved creating stories even when she was little and not surprising, fairy tales were my favorite.


Back in 1978 I decided there was no reason why I couldn’t write a romance too. So I wrote two and in 1979 submitted them to Silhouette Romance, a new line that was looking for authors. Dancer in the Shadows and 14 Karat Beauty sold, ironically on my wedding anniversary, and a couple weeks later, I was fired from my job for writing the books. I took it as a sign and began writing full time. Plus I really liked working in my jammies.


I’ve always loved paranormal books and I was lucky to write a few category paranormal romances. With each book I knew this was what I should be doing all the time except paranormal wasn’t as popular back then. You see, I’m very stubborn. My Irish genes insisted I not back down and while I did it in a roundabout way, I never did.


So no wonder witchy Jazz popped into my life. She wasn’t about to be put off and from there my writing life changed. And my friends will tell you I even changed. My true inner demented self came out and she is soooo not ready to leave!


It’s been two years since I sold Jazz to Sourcebooks, I’ve written four books so far and there’s more to come.


It’s been an interesting journey for me and along the way I went through the good and the bad and the scary and even downright terrifying, but it’s made me the writer I am today.


One thing I’ve always said is never give up. I’m proof of that.


But what about you? Have you followed your dream and refused to give up?



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