SJ_HardAsRock_large(1)In my latest Changeling Press release Hard As a Rock, my faery heroine Canna has all the fun a person could have with the clients of the Pleasure Club. They think she’s an invisible spirit who haunts the place and adds to their enjoyment, which she also loves. But the love of her life is unfortunately just a decor item, the club’s gargoyle statue, who isn’t alive at all… or is he?

There’s just something about gargoyles that is incredibly mysterious and sexy. When I was younger, I had a cruch on the gargoyle Goliath on the cartoon television show Gargoyles; in fact, Canna calls her statue Goliath. They’re so powerful-looking, even scary–but what if they had, say, a superhero jaw line, a tragic backstory and abs to die for?

You can find out more about Canna, her gargoyle and the Pleasure Club at the link. There’s also a free r-rated exerpt featuring Canna and one of the club’s patrons. I hope you enjoy it! Be sure to visit my website for a bunch of other freebies, like excerpts, the flash fiction prequel to Hard As a Rock, interviews with authors, Monday Music and other fun things.

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