Hey, Bonnie,

You made me sound real ‘worldly’. Cool! Guess that’s why this is your blog; you do it so well!

As for me, I’m waiting on specific directions to post this little response. Hey, there is an up side: I have more time to write. So here goes…

My books are set in various locations throughout the world, but the characters are the ones I fall in love with first. The fun begins when I throw them into a place which matches, or is the antithesis, of their personalities and their decisions cost them the most. Hence my little tag line: Romancing The World, A Word At A Time. I couldn’t think of a better combination…other than Swiss Almond Chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and peanut butter!

For example:

In ‘The Greek Rule’, Alexandros, a Greek golden boy, is a magnanimous tycoon who always gets what he wants. But when he goes for Athena she disappears on him and avoids his invitation. Not only does she work for the competition, but she is his future sister-in-law’s best friend and has a silly rule about no romance with a Greek. He is a Greek! When she comes to Santorini for the wedding festivities, he has one week to show her he’s the exception to the rule.

Athena is determined to stay out of the clutch’s a rich, spoiled, Greek man who gets what he wants. She deserves to get what she wants, and it just happens to be the same resort property he’s bidding on. But stuck on the island with Alexandros, she discovers there is so much more to him. And she can’t deny that she likes, really likes, what she sees.

Add to these characters the people and the charm of Santorini, and you have the makings of a story that makes we want to pack my bags when I reread it. The people are warm, sensual, and vibrant, and the land is so naturally breathtaking with the mountains, the beach, and the ominous volcanoes looming in their midst, that you say, ‘Why not?’

Now, the latest releases, The Greek Rule and The Summer Deal, are part of my Greek Series at Resplendence Publishing, but just before them came Eyes of the Dead; a romantic suspense in the Mayan jungle with paranormal elements. Talk about possibilities and twists and turns. The place is a vibrant green with hidden treasures at every turn. Can the rain forest lure a young researcher, searching for the cure for breast cancer? And can it conceal dangers beyond he imagination? I love this book, and the consequences that have Antonio and Tiffany butting heads and then coming together.

So basically, my stories allow me to travel anywhere with the stroke of my fingers on the keyboard. New York City, the Florida Keys, Italy, and anywhere my heart desires.

Now here is a bit of truth I try to hide: I travel with any excuse! You name it, I’ll use it.

When my kids were real little, and it was a more difficult to pack in under an hour, I’d make it up to Disney World and hang out at the World Showcase in Epcot. You should try it at night. The employees from each country are more relaxed and really friendly at that time (or maybe they’re just tired). Where else can you go from Mexico, to Morocco, to Norway in under ten minutes? Then, you sit by the lake and watch the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben light up during the same show.

See a trend? Recognize my compulsive needs? Lol

What kind of places and circumstances would you like to be thrown into? The beach? The mountains? A hurricane? Or a blizzard?



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