20223738.jpgWell, I reconfirmed why you should always get a second, even a third estimate for repairs today.  We’ve lived in our home for six years and the landscaping has changed dramatically due to growth of the plants and also a room we added in the back for a hot tub.  As a result of all this, the sprinkler system needed work to ensure that it was covering the entire yard.

Yesterday, I got an estimate for the work on our sprinkler system–$700 and the guy stressed that this was a ‘guesstimate’ and subject to change. 

Today, I got an estimate for the exact same work–maximum of $150 and they brought the equipment and extra help to get it done today, if I’d like.  My problem was solved in an hour and a half.  It ended up costing me $120 and they’ll be back in the spring to make sure everything is still working fine. 

Once again I proved, getting second estimates on any work is a necessity.

Back to Bonnie’s questions.  My husband has always played softball, usually on four different teams.  He belongs to an International Softball Team.  Once a year they take a trip and play in various countries.  We’ve travelled with the team to Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, and Hawaii.  We’ve made some good friends with the team members and their wives.  One of the team players was a stunt double on the Chuck Norris TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger,which I always thought was really cool. 

Right now I need to finish the other three books in the Blood Hunt vampire/witch series and work on another romantic comedy.  I’d like to write more paranormals involving ghosts and also try my hand at a Sci-Fi book.

I let my friends, who went through terrible divorces, read The Mistletoe Affair while I was writing it.  I made sure they knew they had inspired this story.  They laughed at what Katherine did to her ex-husband, who came back into her life to blackmail her.  “Perfect” is the word they both used and the book did help them to heal. 

Speaking of food, which I love, too.  We had my sister-in-law and her husband over for dinner today.  My husband grilled a brisquet (buffalo meat, which is delicious and has a third of the fat that chicken has) and we had fried okra, creamed corn, which we had put up ourselves, fresh pole beans, pear salads, dinner rolls and finished the meal later with rocky road ice cream.  Wished I could have handed you a plate.


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