Linda Wisdom is a name to look to for great books that charm, enlighten and bring a huge smile to the face. She likes to collect Pocket Dragons because the little guys have great attitude. Linda has a collection of figurines in bubble baths, and confesses to be a sucker to anything that smells good. She has a huge collection of body creams and body washes to prove it. This Aries girl has loads of information on her myspace, so be sure to check out the Life and Times of a Writer and all her other informative facts she gives to her audience.

Wicked By Any Other Name is a spinning good read. The way Trevor takes her breath away, and Stasi is flabbergasted over the events, left me spell-struck myself. I love where Stasi gets the hiccups quite a few times. I could visualize the moments. The chemistry between Stasi and Trevor, not to mention the way their love blossoms so beautifully, prompts right into the reader’s heart. Linda Wisdom weaves a laugh-out-loud spontaneity of hilarious moments between two unforgettable characters. As for Carrie, yep, she is indeed a nightmare. This is one story that is most enjoyable, and quite entertaining. The well-developed characters, and excellent plot, make this an extraordinary read not to be missed.

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