Lily Graison has a way of bringing every woman’s fantasy to life in her writings, and this is no exception. Leather and Lace is part of the Wicked series about a band of really hot men lol. There is more to the story but if I were to tell you, I would have to…well you get the picture. Anyway, I was lucky enough that this was one of those books I got to review. I of course gave it a 5 Cup rating. I mean hello! Who wouldn’t!? LOL. I have included a blurb from the book, the author’s website, and the review for those who would like to read what else I had to say.

Book 2 in the Wicked SeriesRoxy Carlisle is on a mission. She’s been in lust with Luke Harris, lead guitarist for the band Wicked, for two years. When her best friend, Holly, hooks up with the bands lead singer, and asks her to tag along to New York with her to meet the band, Roxy couldn’t pack her bags fast enough. The chance to meet Luke in person was a dream come true. Even better if her ultimate fantasy of finding herself in his bed were to happen. One way or another, she was determined to have him. That is, if Holly’s hare-brained idea of playing hard to get doesn’t backfire in her face. Luke Harris loves women and they love him. All he ever has to do is speak to them and they fall all over themselves to be the lucky lady of the night. That all changes though when a feisty brunette comes barreling into his life and changes all the rules. She’s immune to his usual charm, or so it seems, but something in her eyes tells him otherwise. Has Luke finally met a woman he can’t seduce? Can Roxy follow her plan and not give in when Luke sets his sights on her? When sex is all you’re after, can you walk away when your heart demands more?

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