So let’s see, I think the way these things work, is that I give you questions, you need to supply the answers, and then I pick a winner if there are multiple entries…right?  Hmm, let’s see…

Okay, here goes:

1-Which of my 3 published books has been reviewed by CoffeeTime Romance?

2-Which book has a review on my website?

3-How old is the heroine from Love By Design, in my first book, Never Too Old For The Game Of Love?

4-Who is William Grimes?

5-What do I have in common with J.T.?

6-What genre are my books listed under on the publisher’s page?

Answer all 6 correctly, and I’ll enter you in a drawing to get a free download of my first book in the Reyes Family Romances series.  Good luck!  Oh yeah, I’ll stop taking entries at midnight tomorrow, Sunday, Oct. 18th…and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, Oct. 20.


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