So, to show my appreciation for sticking around today, I wanted to offer you a giveaway! I know I’ve flooded you with posts but I hope you enjoyed my blogs and found something intriguing about any of my books or my life. I have several books I’m currently working on already started and waiting in files on my computer.

I’m ready to make my foray into the MPreg and Omegaverse. I’m slightly fascinated by that genre and can’t wait to dip my toe in that pool! I also have to finish Rhys’s book! I have the cover but they just shut up, especially while I’m working on my Paranormal series. I guess they’re going to tell me their story in their own time. I also have more than half the last book in the Paranormal B&B series done. It’s the story of Rager, the big green demon in Born a Halfling and Conner, Micheal’s best friend. His straight best friend! I’m loving their evolving relationship!

I’m also putting finishing touches on my sexy short stories. I’m planning on not only putting them up for free, but I’m putting condensed versions in the Changeling Press Newsletter. My sexy shorts will have a plot and heavy sex, the Encounter section of the newsletter, is all sex!

Okay, so now we’re down to the giveaway part. If you’re interested in obtaining any of my backlist from Amazon, just comment below which book you’d like emailed to either your private email or your kindle email. I’ll give you my email address that I’ll be sending it from so you can put it in your kindle for permission to receive documents. The book will be a mobi file since it will come straight from Amazon. I’ll have my husband pick one winner by random means (probably put your names in a hat and have him draw the winner). I’ll announce the winner in an update to this post and also by the email you leave in the comments (or email me from clicking my picture below if you don’t want to leave your email public.) That’s it, you don’t have to sign up for anything either, I’m just hoping to find someone who loves my characters as much as I do!

Again, thank you for spending your day with me. If you have any questions for me, I’ll do my best to answer them! ~ M.D. aka Mindi

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