The first book in the series of Witch in the House by Jenna McKnight is a page-turner. Spells, romance, magic, and a dreamy man come into play. Jade Delarue wants to find her dream man. She decides to conjure up a spell to help her, knowing if she doubts herself it will never work. The spell proves fruitful when a handsome man arrives at her door. Mason Kincaid does not even wish to consider falling in love. After being stood up at his wedding, the private detective could care less if he sees another woman again.
Witch in the House is enchanting, magical and awe-inspiring. I found Jade to not only be spirited, but quite likeable. I love the camaraderie that she shares with Mason. The depictions of the many events of the characters were so visual. With refreshing characters, good friends, and a delicious plot, this is one entertaining read. Ms. McKnight has more stories coming the reader’s way, to entice, thrill and create magic. Check out Jenna’s website, at

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