S. Andrew Swann lives in Cleveland, Ohio, where he is a Database Manager for  a large private child service agency. He is married. He has published 19 novels over the last 15 years. He writes Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Wolfbreed is the first book in a new series he is writing for Ballantine Spectra.

This has got to be one of the best werewolf novels I have read. Lilly is not portrayed as a sex object. She is shown as a young woman at odds with the things she has been asked to perform. I love the way the author uses the Church and their beliefs to bring spiritual questions to the surface. Uldolf is such a strong hero in this tale. He is not afraid to follow what his heart tells him even when his suspicions about Lilly prove to be true. His love still leads him back to Lilly. S.A Swann has written a story of love and passion. I recommend this book highly.

Wolfbreed review

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