Would you make the fantasy real?
A few years ago an editor sent out a call for submissions for a new, short, highly erotic series. The submission criteria asked authors to tap into their wildest fantasies—to be as hot, as explicit and as daring as they could be.
I took up the call, wrote a story centred around one of the fantasies I created during my most—ahem private moments, and Ghostly Ménage was born. Three delicious men devoting themselves entirely to one woman’s pleasure.
As a fantasy, I still love it. It is all about me, me, me and there are no negatives. But it is a fantasy. In reality I have never had an opportunity to see what that particular experience would be like.
The question I’d like to put to you is this. If you had a chance to live out your wildest fantasy, would you do it? In all this we will assume the consent of any partner you may currently have.
Now before you all start panting ‘Yes, yes, oh god yessss,’ take a few things into consideration. I’m not talking about fantasising about a dominant/submissive relationship and dragging out the pink fluffy handcuffs. I’m talking about actually living out that relationship for a while.
Would you be able to throw yourself entirely into the moment, forgetting to wonder whether your bum looks big from that angle, not wondering whether this makes you a depraved person? Even if you could, would you want to?
I ask this question because I had a discussion with a bunch of friends recently. Over a few glasses of wine, the conversation got a bit daring and one friend admitted she had finally fulfilled her desire for a threesome. After we cleaned up the wine sprayed all over the table we begged her for more information. Details, woman, details!
And she said…? Oh, it was okay, I guess.
Okay? Just okay? This was the culmination of years of fantasy…the first man was her permanent partner, the second man someone she’d been interested in for a while.
She rubbed her hand across her nose. “I thought it would be more… exotic, the kind of thing where you think you might die from pleasure. It was good. It just wasn’t what I thought my fantasy would be.” Then she looked sort of sad. “But now, I’ve done that, I don’t want to do it again. The bad part is, I’ve lost that fantasy forever and it was always my favourite. I don’t have anything to replace it and I feel…bereft.”
We asked her if she regretted it. Her answer? “No. Yes. I don’t know.”
Ghostly_MenageWell, that cleared that up! She definitely didn’t feel guilty, so that covered the no. Her real life situation could never live up to the fantasy scenario she’d created for herself over years of dreams and refinement, so that covered the yes. But at least she’d done it, she was no longer left wondering what it would be like but she wasn’t sure it was worth the loss.
So, would you do it? Have you fulfilled a wild fantasy? You don’t have to get too explicit (probably better if you don’t…save it for publication). Was it worth it? Would you do it again? Are there fantasies you have that you actively wouldn’t want to pursue in real life?
Me and my fantasy? I doubt if I’ll ever be in a position to fulfil that one, and if I were I don’t think I would. I’m a writer, and fantasy fuels my world. Mind you I do have another wild dream. A gorgeous man, all golden skin and six pack makes glorious love to me, leaving me quivering and sated while he gets up and sweeps the floor, does the washing and cleans the bathrooms. That fantasy I’ll be happy to live out any time at all.

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