You were smart to go with a second opinion.  Like going to the doctor.  Everytime he tells me I need to lose weight – I’m tempted to get a second opinion.  I need a 400 pound doctor to call me pipsqueak.  That would work!

22378856.jpgSo your husband is a ball player?  Have you thought of putting this in your book(s)?  Or would it be strange to think of him on that level?  The romantic erotic hero… *eyes hubby on couch*….can’t imagine. Nope. I’d have to imagine something else.  Good thing he doesn’t pay attention to what I’m saying.

You made me very hungry, talking about food last time.  Very good!!  I love trying new things, and never seem to eat anything but the same old thing day after day.  I have no sense of creativity.  I suppose it could be worse!

Now, seeing as tomorrow is our last day – why don’t you tell us about what you have planned in the future.  What are your upcoming books about?  Do you have some contracted already, or are you working at getting different publishers?  Do you stick to the same genre, or are you willing to do something different?

I have to learn not to ask so many questions at once. Shame on me.  Talk to you tomorrow!  Thanks again for spending this week with us!


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