No flies on you, girl!  I am impressed with everything you’ve been up to – and those things yet to come.  I remember those days of getting things ready for Christmas.  My boy was always the one who asked for just a couple of things, but the girl was the one looking for everything.  Come Christmas morning, however, she was usually good to say thank you and not ask for anything more.  At least not until Boxing Day.

Workout shoes, you say?  Have you used them?  I always resolve to work out in the new year, but the only thing I do more is walk to and from the fridge.  And you put coal in your husband’s stocking?  I love that.  I would do it, but the kids aren’t here anymore and they wouldn’t learn anything from it.  I’ll wait for the grandchildren I suppose.

So the ballet themed book…are you a ballet dancer?  Or have you ever taken it? What’s it like to research something you have (or haven’t) done?  Do you like writing about things you know, or is it more fun to look it up and learn about it as you write? 

Go ahead and post some excerpts, or reviews, or whatever else you like.  Any movies out there you’re dying to see?  I want to see “We Are Marshall” with that actor from Lost.  I like that show.  Do you find time to watch TV or movies- or are the books your life?


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