Great excerpts.  And I have to admit to loving Supernatural too.  Surprising, really, because I never was into those types of shows.  Maybe in my old age I’m learning to appreciate two nice looking young men.  Yes, that’s it.  That, and the humor.  I have to laugh at something to enjoy it as well as hide under a pillow!  And I agree on the commercials – which is why I made my husband buy me a DVR ?? for Christmas.  I tape everything now and skip through the commercials.  I don’t know what I ever did back in the old days – then we didn’t even have a remote!  Okay, okay.  Or color.  You happy?

I would love to read more.  What inspires you to write?  I mean…do you go through life being inspired by the simplest things?  Do you see things differently now than before you started to write?  When you were a kid…….or even the girl sneaking the sleazy books into church ….. what was the world like for you?  Do you think writers are born, or created?

Yes, deep questions.  Your fault for bringing up Supernatural.  I love Friday Night Lights too – but again, the man who plays the coach is – dare I say – hot!  Yes, even an old woman like me can get fired up over a man.  Have to do something when my husband doesn’t even light the barbeque.  Nuff said.  Have a good one!

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