Moore books100_0192I just returned from a writers’ conference in Denver where writers and readers came to meet. It was called “Colorado Gold”. For those of you who attend conferences, you know how important they are, but this is for writers or readers who may be holding back, thinking “I’m not ready for Prime Time yet”. Waiting for the “right time” is a big mistake. Now is the right time. Cut out the Starbuck’s, take a bag lunch to work, do anything you can to stash away enough for a conference fitted to your genre or your needs. Go to for a list of some of the conferences. If you write romance, check the RWA chapter websites. Their conferences are great, and I’ll be signing Jeanne of Clairmonde, my medieval romance, at some of those. Historical Novel Society gives a great conference, and I met a lot of historical readers at the last one in Chicago. Whatever you read or write, there’s a conference for you. Classes in the craft are numerous, given by experts in the field. Also, now, most conferences have workshops on marketing—internet promo, website building, publicity. There’s something for everyone, and readers get to meet their favorite author and have them autograph your book.
Workshops and book signings, however, are not the only reason to seek out a conference. Networking is just as important—sometimes more so. One of the faculty at the Denver conference said that she had gotten both an agent and a publisher at a conference, a result of making friends with another writer who suggested an agent’s name. It happens with more frequency that what we may believe. Aside from that, you may meet that great critique partner you’ve been wishing for, or meet a group of like-minded people who read your favorite genre and want to start a book club. So survey future conferences, find one you’d like to attend, then pay early to take advantage of the early-bird fee discounts. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.
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