This story line would fit better in Eco-thriller category with romantic overtones. The catch is the main character is a werewolf, so therefore at first glance it would seem it is a paranormal romance. 

The reason this werewolf story does not fit in the werewolf mold is that I did research on werewolf legends and folklore. It is quit diverse. The legends in Europe and South America are extremely different from the American movie werewolf legends. I tried to draw more from the European and South American legends with a sprinkling of the Native American legends. So, if this story is different, good. I hope my voice and my story reflects me and the way I see things.

The second half of the book is police procedural, I have several years experience in law enforcement and crime scene investigation and did my best to keep it realistic as possible. The law enforcement characters are a composit of people I had worked with in that field.

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