When you write men, who gets control of the remote?

Great excerpt!  First person writing is one of my favorites because it takes me inside that character’s head.  But how hard is it to show another character’s POV? I like to know how other characters feel but when there is a lot of head hopping, I get a little dizzy and confused.   Do you have a limit on how many times you do it in a scene or chapter? Or do you not do it at all?

When authors incorporate real life into their books whether it’s their favorite books, foods, or the city/state they live in  the love they feel for this thing shines through.  Writer’s must have interesting lives to write interesting books, I suppose.  

Claudine-fic would be boring because my idea of a perfect life would be never leaving the house just sitting around eating chocolate. Wait.. perhaps I could throw in a cute grocery delivery boy.  Paper or plastic? Who cares? Take it off your shirt!

Unlike my jailbait and cocoa queen fantasy, I do have something interesting to ask about.    A little bird told me that you were on the Urban Fantasy Panel at last year’s Comic Con with the likes of  Laurell K. Hamilton,  Margorie M. Liu, and Carrie Vaughn among others.    Did you have any squeamish fangirl moments during your discussion? If not,  what would you do if and when you meet your author idols?  

Dish the dirt or if there wasn’t any, make some up. *winks* Just kidding!

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