LOL!  Bonnie, you are too funny, girl!  :-)  And I have to agree with you…men with accents are swoon worthy!  I told my husband, if we ever get divorced, I’m moving to Australia!  LOL!  

Okay, back on track…In my experience so far, working with other authors in an anthology can go a couple of ways.

In Blue Moon Magic, by Highland Press, the authors were given the premise and all submitted stories.  There was no collaboration, and most of us didn’t see one another’s work until we held the book in our hands.

Now, Dance en L’air is different…it’s a “bible” story.  Meaning, all the authors involved work together in the development and writing phase, and we each receive a copy of the “bible,” which is updated as we go.  This file, contains all the pertinent information we need to keep our stories cohesive and on track.  Since the same characters or storylines will appear in more than one story, we need to have those facts down.  All of the stories in this book, revolve around a fictional theatre in London, so we have to all describe it the same.  We also set up an e-mail group to ask questions and store files – this way, everyone gets the messages and replies.  So far, the process has been extremely enjoyable.  We have read each other’s proposals and are cheerleaders for one another. I am thrilled and excited to see what these talented ladies come up with!

Do I worry my story will be crap?  Yup.  I think we all do.  When you start thinking you write perfect and don’t have anything new to learn, that is when you fail to expand and flourish, as a writer.

I am very lucky with my space at home.  We recently moved into a house where I get to have an office!  The walls are lined with books, (yes, mostly romance), filing cabinets, posters, charts and project information.  The room is right off the kitchen, which anyone with kids knows is the hub of the house – LOL!  I can keep track of the dog, the cat and the kids and still write. 

I write mainly during the day, while I stay at home with my little guy.  But, sometimes I write at night, after work.  Notebooks and my Alphasmart are my constant companions!  I can take either anywhere in the house, park, zoo, work – what have you, and write.  I wrote the majority of my upcoming novel, A Magical Encounter, in a notebook while playing on the floor with my son, (then 1 1/2 – 2 years old).  You just have to find and make time to write.  Like last night – my hubby watched the Badger/Ohio basketball game, and I sat on the couch next to him, notebook and pen in hand!  🙂

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