21663231.jpgWhatever the hell gigging means.  I wasn’t sure if you were trying to say that you giggled at frogs, or what.  Do you catch frogs and eat their legs too?  If you can skin other animals, why not them?

What exactly does one wear while gigging?  Bra, no bra?  Hair up or down?  Do you wear overalls or let it all hang out?  I need a mental picture for this.  Or maybe I don’t. 

What about your girl…does she consider herself a redneck, or run screaming into the streets begging strangers to take her in and save her from her deranged mother?  Or is she standing beside you, shovel and/or pickax in hand, ready to take on the world? 

You talked a bit about your next book.  What inspires you to write comedy?  You’d think you would write something about wildlife or practicing your hoe-downs.  I would love to learn a few things from you.  Hell… I could use you to round up a herd of stallions.  Ride much?

Tell us something we don’t know.  Tell me something you haven’t told anyone else either because you thought they’d be bored, or because you thought they’d have you committed.  After that last list… you can’t be afraid of the latter.

Keep talking, Jenna…we’re intrigued about this 20 year old secret……..


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