1944464.jpgI don’t know if I could keep my opinions to myself… I’d offend way too many people if I put my thoughts on paper!  But thank you for telling us about your book.  It sounds great.  But I want to ask you something… and I’m trying to do it in a way that’s not going to offend you – so I’ll ask my daughter how to word it….  okay, I’m ready.  What made you write erotica, and not ‘normal’ (if that’s a word… she assures me it’s okay) romance?

I’m jealous.  I’d love to travel, but the closest thing I get to a vacation is five minutes on the toilet without my husband suddenly having the urge to go.  Honestly!!  I think he’s in tune to every bodily function.  I can’t even be sick without him catching it!  It’s a wonder he doesn’t menstruate! 

I’m off topic… sorry about that.  Now you say you’re a people watcher.  That is one of my favorite past times too.  Tell me the funniest thing you’ve ever witnessed – something you couldn’t put in a book.  If you can’t think of anything – then tell me the best/worst thing you’ve seen.  Love to hear your stories!

I’m off for another cup of coffee … so write on!


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