15380141.jpgThis research you’re talking about… can’t say I wouldn’t mind trying that out for size myself.  However, since my husband thinks my nipples and belly button run together, he hasn’t had much interest in that department.  Can I borrow yours?  Or does he have a brother?

No, I suppose you can’t have an erotic romance without some sparks and a fire.  Let’s just hope she’s wearing her fireproof hose!  Oh wait… maybe it’s HIM who should have the fireproof hose.  Either way, we need some water around here!  I’m parched!

You really are busy working on these new books.  Will you go back to writing just one book and not a series, or will you continue to think of new characters in new places for new series?  That was a mouthful, but then again I love to eat!  And you know what I mean, right?

You have some nice comments waiting for you.  The fans have spoken. They love the position you’re in for the books that you’re writing about the sex you’ve been having.

Need I say more? 

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