I can’t imagine just jotting down a story and hoping things work out in the end – though I’ve heard of authors who do this with great success.  I can’t even cook dinner without going through it step by step in my head to make sure I have all the ingredients so I won’t run into problems!

Oh, and I saw that movie “28 Days”.  It was great, and I love Sandra Bullock.  I loved that it had a realistic ending, instead of those that go through trials for half of the movie and then hug and kiss at the end at all is right with the world.  That’s not how things are in real life.  Now don’t get me wrong. I think we SHOULD have happy endings in movies because God knows real life isn’t always rosey.  It’s nice to have that escape.  But make it all work out right first!  It must be hard to do that in a book as well. 

You said you were a horror fan.  I love scary movies, though I spend most of the time hiding under the covers.  I can’t see them in the theatre for two reasons: One, I would have to go alone because my husband is a wimp; and two, I would embarrass myself to death because I would scream so loudly.  Not to mention I can’t pause the movie in the theatre to use the washroom to keep from peeing my pants!

You have another book, “Candy Girl”.  I love the cover for this book.  It’s very mysterious…tell me about it!  What is the significance of this girl, and did you help design the cover?  Tell me more!  Let’s keep this up a couple more days!


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